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Alycesaundra describes her designs as “one of a kind, luxury couture, high fashion for the stylish Tweens & Teens.”  

AlycesaundraL, is a fashion style for young females. It focuses on the beauty of youthfulness while bringing elegance into the aesthetics — monochrome with achromatic embellishments, metallic mix and match. The DNA of the brand is light and pure, perfect for juvenescence. Alycesaundra’s signature Renaissance neck ruffle collar is the focal point of most of her designs. Her remarkable pieces have also been featured in fashion shows coast to coast and photographed and published around the world.

Alycesaundra Lyerly

Alycesaundra was six years old when she started designing and making dresses for her friends, who quickly realized her unique style. In the beginning, her designs were very basic with simple seams like pillowcase dresses that she sewed herself. Now that she is designing more complicated designs, she employs professional seamstresses to make them.

Giavanna Lyerly - Muse

Giavana is Alcesaundra's twin sister, a model and actress.  Alycesaundra says, "When we were little, I told Giavanna, when we grew up, I would be the most famous fashion designer and Giavanna would be my most famous supermodel. And, here we are living our dream!"


Kelly Lyerly - Advisor

Kelly is a professional hair and makeup artist and mom to Alycesaundra and Giavanna. 


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